Symbol of Elegance: Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is located in the city Mysore. It is one of the most visited monuments in India and is one of the largest palaces in the country, also known as Amba Vilas Palace. The term Mysore Palace refers to the largest and the most luxurious of all its surviving palaces located in the city center, called the Amba Vilas Palace.
The history of this palace spans over 500 years. But what you see now in Mysore is that the modern palace inbuilt 1912. As mentioned earlier the primary palace was built during 14th century by the then Wodeyar kings.
At night, the brilliant gold lighting makes the Mysore Palace shine sort of a diamond! In the morning, its red-colored domes and therefore the sprawling campus comes into the image . It is said that without visiting this elegant architecture, a tour in Mysore is incomplete.
A plan for constructing an exotic palace was commissioned by the Maharaja Krishnarajendra Wodeyar IV to British Architect Henry Irving. It took 15 long years to end the architecture and the royal palace was finally complete in the year 1912.
The original palace was made of wood, which got burnt in the year 1897, during the marriage of the eldest daughter of Chamaraja Wodeyar and thus was rebuilt in the year 1912. The present Palace inbuilt Indo-Saracenic style and blends together Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic sorts of architecture. The palace is a three-storied stone monument, with certain marble domes and with a 145 ft five-storied tower. Above the central arch of the palace is a powerful sculpture of Gajalakshmi, known as the goddess of wealth, prosperity, good luck, and abundance together with her elephants. The palace is surrounded by a large garden. Designed by the well-known British architect, Henry Irwin, the palace may be a storehouse of exquisite carvings and works of art from everywhere the planet.

By: Saksham Gupta

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