Table Tennis as a Sport

There are a variety of sports in the world such as squash, cricket, basketball etc, and each sport has its own importance.

Table tennis is also a wonderful sport with its own uniqueness and importance.

Table tannins as the m=name suggests is basically field tennis on the table. It is played using a ping pong ball and a table tennis racket.

The table tennis racket is multi-colour, with one side black while the other is red.

The table looks almost ditto to that of tennis failed with the net and all.

Table tennis is a great sport and requires a lot of skills. It can be played both as a team and individual.

A team in table tennis consist of two people and they stand on the same side of the table.

Table tennis is a lot like squash in a way most people won’t notice. Just like squash it is a physical game and needs stamina. In fact, it also acts as a great stress buster for a lot of people and helps them to concentrate better.

Even do it is a physical sport it is played indoors thus it is also referred to as an indoor physical spoor.

Table tennis he a hobby for some people while for others it is their job, for some, it is a stress buster and for others a way to kill time. Some make it an excuse to hang out with friends and some give it their heart and soul as they love the game.

Table tennis is a unique sport played in the Olympics and that has one the love of millions and millions of people.

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