Technological Advancements in the Field of Badminton

Badminton is the quickest racket game and these days there are incredible changes in the playing example and speed. Mechanical advancements affect the present round of badminton. In this paper the impact of innovation is clarified, that how innovation has changed the norm of the game by utilization of innovation and new material in the development of hardware like a court, racket, transport, shoes, and apparel. The sport of badminton is presently more aptitude and innovation situated. Better quality courts are utilized now for better hold of shoes and force pad is utilized in shoes as indicated by presser focuses, lightweight and titanium made extremely ground-breaking rackets are utilized now, much better-streamlined transports are utilized in a great deal of assortment as per the conditions. Video innovation is the most significant these days for a total investigation of the aptitude performed by the player, video recording, and examination are exceptionally valuable for the improvement of the procedure of ability allegation. So innovation has built up a ton in the sport of badminton.

The Hawk Eye is a PC based innovation that helps in giving a virtual comprehension of the way of an item, for example, the ball utilized in cricket, tennis, and so on. The innovation was imagined in 2001 by Dr. Paul Hawkins in the United Kingdom for cricket. Falcon Eye picked up prevalence in an exceptionally limited capacity to focus on is utilized in numerous different games today. It has been acknowledged as the mechanical mean of mediation by the administering committee of cricket, tennis, and furthermore by the relationship of different games.


  • The innovation likewise causes the onlookers to watch changed edges of an antagonistic occurrence replayed all the while on the screen.
  • Bird of prey Eye innovation helps in outwardly anticipating the edge and separation of secured by the ball in the wake of pitching.
  •  The innovation is an extraordinary apparatus to break down the past games and to design methodologies for future games.
  • Falcon Eye Technology permits the authorities, umpires, juries to give the right choice in the field by limiting human mistakes and keeping up reasonableness in the play. It additionally helps the umpires in settling on questionable choices accurately.
  • The framework has six to ten cameras set in various pieces of the ground which see the development of the ball from various points which are later investigated in a PC framework.

By: Prakhar Sharma

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