Technology with Education

General News | Apr-14-2021

Technology with Education

In education, technology can be a day-to-day existence transformer, a distinct advantage, for youngsters who are both in school and out of school. Technology can bring textbooks to life. The Internet can bridge the quality gaps, said Queen Rania of Jordan. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has given us all a huge lesson on how technology can help us come out from the shackles of geographical barriers which act as a hindrance in education. Where there is a pandemic that has put us all inside our houses; then comes technology into play which has given us a way to accomplish our studies by residing in our homes. 

However, there we many such students who despite being technically sound couldn’t get an opportunity to attend their classes due to connectivity issues. Still, they could somehow manage by watching the recorded lectures. The practice of e-learning has supported learning 24x7. This is has made students think outside the box and do something different in their niche. 

Let’s check out some benefits which e-learning has delivered to students.

The entry of IntrovertsEvery class has those students who barely interact in class despite being good in their studies. Online learning allowed them to open up in the class and put their views forth. However, they wouldn’t transform into extroverts from introverts, but something is better than nothing. 

  • Personalization

Students often hesitate in clarifying their doubts in front of the entire class. This hesitation of theirs is solved by online learning which has allowed such students to interact personally with their concerned teacher and clarify their doubts. However, this option is available in physical learning, too, but not that frequently. 

  • Creative Content

Online learning has made teachers make a creative presentation and present it to students in a creative manner which retains for a longer period in the minds of students. Creative things often attract them easily and draw their attention towards them. 

  • Effective and Efficient Learning

E-learning has made learning effective as well as efficient. It has helped in saving money and time. Teachers do not have to wait for the students to arrive in the class. In case if a student is unable to attend classes due to unavoidable circumstances, then they can watch the recorded lecture and grab lessons. 

By: Stuti Singh