The Art of Making Friends

Aristotle said that Man is a social animal by nature. We all have some special people in our lives. Whenever we feel lonely or are in a difficult situation, We have a sense of satisfaction that we have these people whom we termed as friends, standing as pillars behind us and with us. During times of joy and happiness, this often is the ones who are truthful in their intentions are overjoyed and filled with happiness.  

Life is a long and golden journey you’ll meet numerous amounts of people; some may come into our lives and go away according to the roles they have in our life. It is crucial to recognize the right people who fit in our zone or arena of thoughts and stay in our lives without any pressure or personal benefit. The friends that you make must be such who accept you, support you and love you with all your merits and demerits.

Below mentioned are some tips and tricks on how to make friends:

When you want to make friends in your life, it is necessary to start a healthy bond and interaction. Try to start, interaction with a pleasant smile on your face and make each other comfortable. Remember if the person has similar thinking pattern, the conversation will be a worthy and long-lasting one.

Take initiatives

You can further plan a coffee date or a movie with your new companion as it will help you both to know each other better.

Start going for group-activity

If there is any activity, no matter indoor or outdoor, you should always look forward to them as there will be different opportunities to find people like you in these places. 

Wait for responses

All you need to do when you find a suitable person whom you think can be a good friend of yours is to start small conversations on interesting topics with them. If you get the same response in return, it can be a sign of good compatibility, respect, and effort from your end.

Be a patient listener

When we want to connect with someone, its always advised to listen to them and focus on what they feel about a particular situation. This helps the other person to feel a sense of satisfaction and a comfort level which could help you to form a good friendship.

Have faith in your choice

If you meet someone during travel or any event and are having similar choices and interests with them don’t always think that the consequence will be unfavourable, it’s just in our mind. When you possess a good and positive thought about someone to have faith in yourself as it will surely come out to be a great choice, in the end, you may find a companion you have thought about.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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