The Caste System

General News | May-09-2021

The Caste System

The caste system is one of the major and biggest problems in our country.

Well, today we're going to understand what is the caste system and further what are the challenges and disadvantages of it. The caste system in India is a hierarchical system which is followed for 2000 years! This system determines a person's caste depending on which caste it is born. We have been broadly dividing it into 4. Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and finally shudras.

Every caste had a different role, importance, and rank in society. However, these are just broadly divided though if we count all the castes in India then they make up to 5000. Now Brahmans were the ones having an absolute right, benefits, and the uppermost rank in the society. This absolute power that too based on birth was seen as inappropriate. These benefits were sometimes used to exploit a person's emotions or sentiments. The government saw a loophole here. They finally abolished it in the year 1950. However, how can it suddenly vanish? It still affects the 21st century. A 2000-year-old system cannot just vanish. Though it has decreased still is not at the end. Its after-effects still exist in our society. Today to discrimination happens on this basis. Thus it's a complete evil for society. It leads to the disheartening of an individual. It doesn't allow one to lead the society through merit but birth. This doesn't produce equality amongst society. Today we must believe in one caste to which we all belong to and that's humanity.

By: Aanya Pandey

Delhi World Public School