The Development Of Sport For The Disabled Community

General News | Aug-26-2020

The Development Of Sport For The Disabled Community

Sport can be described as an activity that requires skill, practice, and interest. Usually, sports require a lot of physical fitness and practice as practice makes a person perfect so one should practice achieving the desired goals.

A sport is something that can be done by all the people but sometimes disabled communities are underestimated. Disabled communities should be given equal opportunities as those people never predicted that they might have some physical differences as they were also created by God.

Most of the skilled people who are extremely good at a certain sport, sometimes get a chance to play the Olympic games to prove themselves. These Olympic games were introduced in 1896. These are classified into two categories- the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. These Olympic games include sports like: -

Archery, athletics, badminton, cycling, judo, karate, table tennis, tennis, trampoline, shooting weightlifting, gymnastics, wrestling, and a lot more.

Initially, disabled people were not a part of these Olympic games and had no such organization where they can compete from people worldwide.

But in the year 1960 (64 years after Olympics), Paralympics were introduced after Sir Ludwig Guttmann organized a sports competition for British Worldwar I veterans who had spinal cord injuries in England (1948). Similarly, a competition took place in 1952. Such international games started which led to the birth of Paralympic games in the year 1960. Like the Olympics, these games were also divided into two categories Summer Paralympics and Winter Paralympics. These include sports for disabled people like-

Wheelchair tennis, archery, athletics,  badminton, judo, cycling, sitting volleyball, swimming, paraipara ice hockey, shooting para-sport, snowboard, wheelchair curling, wheelchair rugby, rowing canoe, and many other sports.

This mainly uplifted and gave power to the disabled people worldwide. The Indian government has also made various initiatives to uplift the disabled communities. We as citizens of India should motivate these people and live with them in a similar way as we live with other people. We should also remember that these people also have skills and we should value those skills.

Written by: Toshani Mehra