The Kpop Trend In India

General News | May-03-2022

The Kpop Trend In India

The culture which is trending nowadays in the entire world and especially in India is none other than the New Korean Culture. Kpop stands for Korean pop culture which is a musical firm originating in South Korea. Kpop of is a result of experimenting and combining different kinds of music and a sort of bringing different genres to modernize Korean Contemporary Music. Thus, Kpop is inspired by many music forms like Instrumental, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, etc. The variety is so vast that Kpop is usually performed by a band to represent every taste and present a good piece of music to the audience. The Kpop song even mostly includes some English words to attract a young audience. The term became popular only in the 2000s and it ranks at Number 6 presently worldwide in the music market. This trend had extremely spread in India and became popular due to online social media services and many Korean Dramas. This Kpop trend is also called as Korean wave and this wave is not only seen in the East-Asia or Southern Asia but also India, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh & the Philippines, and the Western side of the world too that even including Latin America.

The Kpop idols have played an extremely major role in mobilizing and making Kpop famous in India. So, these Kpop idols are the only celebrities who work in the Kpop industry. The celebrities or Kpop idols can either be a part of a group or a solo performers. It requires extremely hard work to become a Kpop Idol and these are selected in two ways either a large company will launch the performer because of their brilliant skills and talent or the performer who are very passionate to become Kpop Idol would have to go for around 30 to 50 auditions in their lifetime.

Kpop is so popular because the Kpop music genre is so fun and so addictive and this makes Kpop a worldwide trend. The trend also brought Indians in touch with the culture and get attached emotionally to the Kpop and loved and support this new Korean culture.