The Life Cycle Of Plants: From Seed To Tree

General News | Sep-19-2023

The Life Cycle Of Plants

Plants are one of the essential things on the earth. Plants are incredible living things. Plants are helping humans in several ways. Now we can learn the growth of a plant from seed to majestic tree

1. Beginning Life As A Seed
It all begins with a seed. For this, we need to take good seeds. Seeds come in different shapes and sizes. All seeds have a special job to grow into a plant. inside the seed, there is a baby plant that is waiting to come out. To start growing we should give enough water and sunlight to the plants

2. Germination
When a seed gets into a good condition. The small plant in the seed starts to come out. The first thing that comes out from a plant is its root which is very thin in starting it. It will directly go into the soil to absorb water and nutrients for its further growth

3. Sprouting Leaves
As the growth of the plant continues a small shoot will come outside. In starting it will be a very small thin stem after some months it will become a strong truck which is the main thing of a plant. After some time leaves start to come from the stem. The leaves play a crucial role in preparing food

4. Growing Taller
With continuous getting of water and sunlight, the baby plant will grow into a big plant. And the number of stems and leaves also increases. It also starts to make flowers and it also has a big root system.

5. Making Flowers
When the plant is big enough then it may have flowers. Flowers are essential because they help plants to make seeds for the next generation. The flower may contain a small powder called pollen. The pollen that may move from one flower to another helps them to make flowers

6. Producing Seed
When the flowers are pollinated. They turn into seeds. The seeds will spread into various places due to several factors like wind, and animals, or they will stick to clothes

7. Full-Grown Tree
After several months and days at last the the baby plant grew into a big and strong tree with a hard trunk. Trees can grow for more than 100 years or more than human life. And they continue to keep making flowers, fruit, and seeds

8. The Cycle Continues
The cycle of a plant continues from a seed into a baby plant then into a small plant then into a plant with flowers then into a plant with fruits after that the fruit changes into a seed then the seed falls this will continue up to the end of the earth

From all of these, we can understand that the plants a small architects they are building homes for them collecting water food, etc. and, we all know the importance of plants in our daily lives. So, protect plants

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