The Most Beautiful Animals in the World

The animal kingdom is full of beauty. The diversity on our planet is endless with numerous species of multiple sizes and shapes. These beautiful animals make our planet a more pleasant, mysterious, and interesting place.
1. Macaw
Macaws are exotic birds found in the rainforests of South America. These birds belong to a family of birds called Psittacidae. Due to the combination of bright colors in their plumage, these birds are more beautiful. Many people keep macaws as pets. Macaws are very social birds that love to walk in groups but they look most beautiful in the air.
2. White Bengal Tiger
The Bengal tiger is one of the most awesome creatures, considered as a symbol of grandeur and strength. Regal in appearance, anyone in the presence of this creature will be left open-mouthed. Due to mutations in their genes, some Bengal tigers are born white. This rarity often makes them even more beautiful, so it is the white Bengal tiger which makes the list.
3. Albino peacock
The peacock is the name for a male peafowl; this specie is one of the starkest examples of sexual dimorphism. The peacock's white plumage is white as snow and looks like a painting. This bird is a real supermodel, always posing, strutting their stuff and showing their stunning beauty. Like the white tiger, the albino peacock's appearance is thanks to genetics.
4. Dolphin
A dolphin's beauty goes beyond its bright physical appearance. Everyone has been fascinated by dolphins for very long and has enjoyed their presence for years. Dolphins are a symbol of joy, freedom, and spontaneity. When people see a group of dolphins swimming and surfing the waves, it makes their mood. Dolphins always look like they are smiling. They are one of the most mood-boosting creatures!

By: Saksham Gupta

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