The Most Important Values Of Sports And Popular Games

Sports are different games which are divided into several categories. Sports can be played both, outdoors and indoors. Some people play just for fun while others as their professions to earn money. Some sports and games are played widely over the globe like cricket and football have the largest sports fantasy.

Besides playing sports also give us various values for being a good sportsman or woman and some teachings for our daily lives. Playing team sports like hockey, cricket, football etc. increases the value for our team to win instead of scoring own point which is also called teamwork. Teamwork is required for group sports as it increases the co-ordination amongst the team for a valuable game and increases the chance of victory in a particular game. A team together playing is better than playing solo for your own self as it decreases the co-ordination amongst the team which will decrease the chance of winning. Teamwork also includes, like in football, that we shall play the ball to our teammates if he or she has no marking and is near the goalpost so that the person can score for the team while you were the one who helped the team to score. If any person is injured of opponent team, we shall always be there to help him even if your team is under a critical situation to loose. This is called sportsman ship or sportsman spirit. Solo games like chess, tells us that we shall have full faith and confidence for the each move we play and observe of the opponent player. Playing sports also include hard work. A player who practices hard will always play better than a person who doesn’t. Practicing daily makes a man perfect. They also teach us to be discipline, obedience, patience, punctuality and leadership. Besides, sports also help to improve our physical and mental health which are very essential for a good life. There are 2 famous slogans:

1- “Ensure good camaraderie with your sports team mates.”

2- “Be sporting; don’t quarrel on the sports field.”

By: Arul Kashyap

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