The Wonderful Habit Of Reading

General News | Apr-08-2021

The Wonderful Habit Of Reading

Books hold a great significance in our lives. They are like portals to another world. Books not only increase our knowledge but they also expand our Imagination. Books can teach us a lot of new things that we were unaware of in the past. We gain knowledge, we can recognize and understand emotions, and we develop learning about the significance of having and achieving goals.

Books can force us to use our most powerful tool, imagination. When we are unable to experience the story visually, we turn to our imagination. Fiction books are great to explore a new and unique world using just minds. We try to visualize what we read and it transports us into a new world. We can identify emotions through words.

 Reading books are to reduce stress exponentially. Studies have shown that quietly reading books for just a few minutes can dramatically reduce stress and calm a person’s mind. Books have healing abilities through which a person can feel peaceful and content. Reading also improves our memory. Unlike a movie, we aren’t just able to pause a book and pick it up later, when we leave a book, we have to remember the whole story to understand the story ahead. Thus, it enhances our memory and our understanding abilities.

 We live in a very competitive world, A person must have some unique qualities and tactics to gain success in this world. And books are the answer to that unique quality. We learn a lot of new things from books that answer all our questions in the real world. Reading books can enable us to engage in interesting conversations with different people. They make us more and more versatile with every new book. We become more open to different lifestyles.

 Most important of all, books are a great way of entertainment and a great hobby to have. In our leisure time, if we adopt a habit of reading, we would not only gain all the good qualities, but we would also be able to enjoy great stories. Inculcating the habit of reading can improve our quality of life and make us way more informed. 

 Books are being ignored in a world filled with movies and shows to binge-watch, but the people who still read can confirm that nothing can be more fun and peaceful than reading.

 By- Simran Raghav