Top 10 Easiest Sports to Play

General News | Jul-25-2020

Top 10 Easiest Sports to Play

The top ten easiest sports are:

1• Running- This is the first easiest sport. It is also called walking with speed. 

2• Cycling- Cycling is the second easiest sport. It burns a lot of calories and increases strength and muscle power. 

3• Swimming- Swimming is the third easiest sport. Once swimming is learned, it can be a very refreshing and calorie-burning exercise. 

4• Tug of war- Tug of war is the fourth easiest sport. Tug of war is usually played between two people or two teams. Its rules are the simplest. 

5• Golf- Golf is the fifth easiest sport. It is an outdoor sport and has been made famous by the greatest golfers Tiger Woods. It is an amazingly simple sport and takes very little effort. 

6• Bowling- Bowling is the sixth easiest sport. Nowadays every shopping mall has a bowling section. There are ten bowling pins and one bowling ball. The player has to roll the ball and try to hit the ten pins to make them fall. 

7• Volleyball- Volleyball is the seventh easiest sport. Volleyball is mainly of two types and both are pretty easy to learn and play. Each team stands on two sides of the net and they play by passing the ball to the opponent. 

8• Curling- Curling is the eighth easiest sport. In this sport, the players basically have to slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is into four circles. 

9• Baseball- Baseball is the ninth easiest sport. Baseball is one of the oldest sports. It holds it's placed as one of the most popularly played sports in the United States of America. 

10• Ping Pong or Table Tennis- Ping Pong is the tenth easiest sport. Ping Pong is called Table Tennis in most parts of the world. In this sport, the participants play with ping pong balls and a paddle. So, these were the top ten easiest sports. 

By: Siya Miglani

Class 5