Top 3 golf courses of the World

Pete Dye, once said that “Golf is not a fair game, so why to build a course fair?” since then, This has become a signature, a trademark attribute of every good golf course out there.

The challenges we face, the notorious holes, the twists, and turns. No matter, you win or lose, some of these golf courses had made professional golfers cry on global television. 

St. Andrews Old Course, Fife (Scotland): The fame and the popularity of St. Andrews is unbeatable. The club boasts seven courses in total. This Course is one of the oldest and most acclaimed courses in the world, and the Swilcan Bridge and Hell Bunker are recognized as tough obstacles by golfers worldwide. Despite its status, this course remains open to the common public so it’s as accessible as it is prestigious. In addition to its shining reputation, the course is well managed sustainably and responsibly to ensure that every golfer has the best possible experience.

The King’s Course, Perthshire (Scotland): This incredible course is often referred to as “the best moorland course in the world”, It's a favourite amongst amateur and professional golfers. The course itself is designed by a very famous architect, James Baird, and is best known for blending all 18 holes seamlessly into the landscape for a scenic and soul-soothing experience. A visual masterpiece, with the rugged natural beauty of rural Perthshire serving as its backdrop, the King’s Course is a test to even some of the best players in the world. A unique and distinct challenge with unbelievable views of the surrounding moorlands.

The Stadium Course at Sawgrass, Florida (USA): The Stadium Course at Sawgrass in Florida is well-known golf publications and the notoriously tricky 17th island green is the reason that makes this course such a famous one. Designed by Pete Dye, this is one of the most recognized golf courses across the globe. The shortest hole is the 17th in the course and one of the most dramatic as it can easily go one way or the other. Plenty of professional players manage to score a birdie here. No matter how seemingly achievable it is, golfers are always just one swing away from a double bogey.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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