Tree Plantation

Trees are the best friend of man and are vital to the environment. They protect and provide us with fresh air to breathe, a shelter for birds and animals. They supply us with wood for various purposes, along with many medicinal, timber, fuel, and spiritual properties. However, Its biggest enemy is Deforestation. This problem should be resolved to ensure that the ecological balance is maintained.

Tree plantation is the planned process, it is planting seedlings into the ground. It mainly depends upon the geography and the topology of the region. Many trees are indigenous and are encouraged by many to be grown to maintain the natural heritage of India. It mainly occurs in the monsoon season, between June and September.

Tree plantation acts as a therapy for an environment. It helps in reducing the growing worries about climate change. Trees are said to be the natural purifiers of the Earth because they take in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen and keeps the atmosphere cool. They take in the toxins and give out pure air for us to breathe. Trees prevent erosion, therefore it is essential for the soil. They keep the soil-bound in the rainy season. When leaves shed and fall onto the ground, it decays in the soil and enriches it.

Yet some people are ungrateful that they recklessly cut down such a beneficial friend. Trees are the home to many animals such as koala bears, sloths, orang-utans, birds, and monkeys, etc. If we do not grow trees, lands would turn into deserts. They regulate the temperature by keeping it cooler and maintain humidity around us.

The forests in Chittagong, Khulna, Dinajpur, and Tangail areas are shrinking day-by-day due to human activities. For economic purposes also Tree plantation is necessary, as they provide us with timber, wood, and rubber, which helps in the construction of homes, furniture, paper, and products sold in the market. They produce fruits, but due to the increasing population, the fruit requirement is not sufficient. Fruits are used to make juices, jams, and other eatables which are beneficial for health. They also glorify the scenic beauty of our country.

The need for tree plantation has been recognized all over the world. To make our country prosperous, to check air pollution, and to save our planet from greenhouse effects we must plant more and more trees. The government should organize campaigns, spread awareness, and must ensure the protection of forests.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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