Understand Yourself As A Parent

General News | Nov-27-2023

Understand Yourself As A Parent

As a parent, we all have different ideas to start our parenting. We have hopes and different ideas in our minds for our offspring as ideal parents. But often the plans don't work out our way. Sometimes we come across situations where we are stuck and respond negatively, hence being a bad parent without really understanding what went wrong.

Our life experiences help us to shape and define who we are as a parent. These are often obtained from our family, by adapting the techniques our parents use, friends, media, and thorough professionals.
As a parent, we often deal with situations with what we think is right rather than analyzing reality. and thus implementing ways that are partial at times.

Our values grow by seeing the parenting culture followed in the family, but instead, it should be adapted according to the situation we are in and should be dealt with wisely

Parents are often seen in a situation where they find themselves dealing with or saying something that is against their better judgment. Emotions often take place but understanding the situation and the source of the outburst is very important for a parent.
Because this affects the children as well as the parents.

Children can often drive their parents crazy and challenge them to remain calm and flexible in many situations. But a parent needs to control their feelings and behavior. Because in the future this will be reflected in their children and they will be following in their parent's footsteps.

As a parent, it's very important to know the things or situations that can trigger your mind or push your buttons, this way one can be prepared and work on being calm if such situations arise.

Self-awareness becomes very crucial in parenting as if the parent analyzes the problem and rectifies or works on it, the results are smooth and adaptive. However, if it is observed by external sources, it becomes tough for a parent to first accept and then implement.

Parents Try to separate their own needs and feelings from the situation with the child, to respond wisely. Through self-awareness and self-reflection, they can be made more aware and learn to behave, and respond in stressful circumstances.

By: Aaleya Bhattacharya

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