Understanding the World of Infectious Diseases

General News | Feb-08-2024

Understanding the World of Infectious Diseases

Exploring Infectious Diseases

Infection diseases are caused by tiny germs called pathogens. These germs can be bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi, etc. These organisms are very small they cannot see with our naked eye we need to use a microscope(this is the instrument used to observe microorganisms that cannot see with our naked eye) to observe them. These sneaky germs can make us sick and it may lead to death when they enter our body. They enter our bodies in various ways

Imagine that our body is a castle and the germs are those who are trying to enter the castle to cause problems. They try to enter our body through the air we breathe or the food we eat the things we touch the things we drink etc. Once they enter our body they will start to cause troubles and problems inside our body

Our body has an in-build defense system called the Immune System. It’s like having an army inside our body to protect our body from germs. sometimes, our immune system will win the battle so we can’t find where the attack happened. Sometimes when the germs are stronger our immune system will be defeated and the germs win the battle in that case we feel sick

We know there are different pathogens and different germs have different symptoms. Some give fever, cough, body pain, or runny nose, while others might have caused tummy troubles like stomach pain or diarrhea, appendix, etc

Doctors and scientists are working very hard to find solutions for these diseases. They are learning more about each disease to find out vaccines for them and how to treat them. They study for years how germs spread what makes us sick and how to stop them. Thanks to their hard work many dangerous diseases have been stopped by finding treatments

Understanding each infection makes us stay healthy and safe. By knowing how germs spread and how we can prevent it in this way we can increase our lifespan. This way we can help our family and friends. So let’s be germs fighters together.


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