View on Post Pandemic Education

General News | Oct-08-2020

View on Post Pandemic Education

The Pandemic, caused by Coronavirus has forced all schools and colleges to shut down, but the continuation of the academic sessions has to be maintained. As a result, students are learning through various online methods using software such as- Google Classroom, MS Teams, ZOOM etc. Even though nobody really knows when schools and colleges will reopen but it is time to think about what post pandemic education will look like. Here, I will tell you about my views on this topic. 

Well, even after this pandemic lifts off, many parents will still be reluctant to send their children to school. Children have also got accustomed to online classes and the schools are also looking to conduct online classes in the coming days. Countries like the USA have introduced hybrid methods in which students will go 2 days to school and have 3 days online classes. In India also the government is still discussing this kind of an education method. This method is pretty useful for higher classes, as they have practical and lab sessions. Practical experiments and diagrams have always made learning fun and easy to understand. But due to the pandemic, the schools need to conduct online classes and these kind of lab sessions have been discontinued. 

As parents sending their children to school would also be a challenge as the safety of children is the utmost priority. Rural education is the biggest problem nowadays as many rural areas do not get good internet connectivity, due to which students are not able to attend online classes, and some parents are not able to afford a smart phones or laptops. After school starts and even if a few students come to school, the students will have to take a lot of precautions and fun based activities which every pupil loves to do has to be given up, such as sitting with friends, sharing, small parties on special occasions etc. 

Education after the pandemic will be very different compared to what it was before the pandemic. We all can only think about how it might be. Till then let's- STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE. 

Mr Roy T.Bennett rightly said-

 “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”


Ishana Rajnish

Dps, Gbn