Wars Can Never Bring Peace

General News | Jun-04-2020

Wars Can Never Bring Peace

‘’If you need peace, you should prepare for war.’’ But how negative can a war’s impact be on an individual, is the question? Ask a soldier’s family and you’ll hear countless stories on their experiences of war. It’s so brutal and dark that often the people involved in wars, take years or forever to come out of that zone. As there’s a common saying war is never good, peace is never bad. But the history of mankind has proved, how shady can wars be. Although attempts have been made to abolish it, success has not been achieved so far. Thus, eternal peace seems to be beyond our reach. There are people who justify wars and say that it is necessary because it is the law of nature.

People often forget what the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi taught us about non-violence. He told us that freedom is necessary but when attained with the right measures. There are struggles and hustles but putting innocent people’s life on sake is just too inhumane. Nothing good can ever be achieved by war. How can wars be defended by saying that they are the necessary evils required to solve problems among the nations? Instead, they create problems like hatred and mortality among nations.
There’s no beauty in this chaos. There’s no beauty in people dying. A soldier serves and saves the nation from evil. When he leaves his home, in an ironed uniform and polished shoes, his family mourns on the fact that it could be the last time they are seeing their family member. Honoring the dead won’t return him to his family. Wrapping him in a tricolor flag won’t still make the blood of his family cold.
This ugly, horror, brutal story needs to end. The fighters need to be thanked and not pushed in the battleground. There’s beauty in their profession, not in their dying. War can never bring peace; it just adds up to the hatred and enmity among the nations. In order to save some lives, we lose some lives too. The sooner we realize this fact, the better we can do for our countrymen.

By: Surbhi Singh

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