Ways To Increase Strength

General News | Jan-15-2022

Ways To Increase Strength

Strength training enhances your quality of life and improves your ability to do everyday activities. There are many ways through which we can increase our strength.

Physical strength:
1) Add Spinach to your diet - Take it from popeye. Spinach is fantastic fuel for muscle building because it contains iron and nitrates to promote muscle growth.
2) Climb stairs - stair climbing engages your body's largest muscle group to repeatedly lift your body weight, step after step
3) Practice planks - Since planks work your core, that means they work the whole body, from your pelvic griddle to your shoulders as well as your legs, The plank strengthens your spine and your abdominal muscles.
4) Yoga - Repetition and holding poses will increase your strength, also certain poses are in effect supporting your body weight in gravity.

Mental strength:
1) Play sudoku - Sudoku or crossword may help keep your brain ten years younger. New researches find that solving puzzles may help you stay sharp. Sudoku can be effective for brain health.
2) Reading books - Reading a book keeps the stress away, reading strengthens the muscles in your brain and can help you wind down after a long stressful day, and it can improve skills like memory and focus over time.
3) Meditation- Regular meditation practice can help you regulate your emotions in challenging situations. This results from the increased size and strength of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain associated with resilience and mental toughness.
4) Practice tolerating discomfort - Being mentally strong does not mean you don't experience emotions mental strength requires you to become acutely aware of your emotions so you can make the best choice of how to respond. Mental strength is about accepting your feelings without being controlled by them.

By : Tanushka Sharma