What Is Productivity?

What is Productiveness?
Let's describe the yield. Productivity is an indicator of a person’s success in completing a mission. We also believe that success means more things happening every day. Incorrect. Productivity is constantly getting important things done. And no matter what you're working on, there are only a few truly important issues. To be efficient means to maintain a steady, average speed on a few issues, not the maximum speed on everything. My Top tactics for productivity
Use the Eisenhower Box to reduce time-wasting activities: This clear decision matrix will help you take action, prioritize tasks, and get more accomplished. The great thing about this matrix is that it can be used both for large productivity plans ("How will I spend my time next week?") and for smaller, everyday plans ("What will I do today?"). Warren Buffett's "2 List" plan: How to Maximize Your Focus and Master Your Goals: This approach comes from the popular investor Warren Buffett and uses a basic 3-step management technique to help you define your goals and actions. You can find this method useful for making decisions and committing yourself to do one thing at once. The Ivy Lee Method: Daily Routine Experts Suggest for Peak Productivity: This method for productivity is straightforward: Do the most important thing every day first. The Ivy Lee approach is a quick dead-end way to apply this technique. The 15-Minute Routine Anthony Trollope Used to Write 40 + Books: The approach to rating your goals and doing the most important thing first, however, has one specific question. When the number one job is a very big project after listing your goals for the day then it will make you feel overwhelmed because it takes a long time to complete. Writer Anthony Trollope, however, develops a solution to this common problem. Most of the productivity strategies focus on short-term effectiveness: how to effectively manage your to-do list, how to get more done every morning, how to shorten your weekly meetings, and so on. Those are just good thoughts.
However, we still fail to understand that if we want to improve our productivity in the long term, there are other strategic decisions we need to make.

By: Sushmita Kumari Jha

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