Who Is A Successful Person?

General News | May-07-2021

Who Is A Successful Person?

Theodore Roosevelt quoted rightly "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Success is that one thing that everyone in today's world is chasing. It's a rat race today. Several people though take part in this race but don't know how to succeed in the same. Well, we most of the time have thought about how to become successful or what leads us to success. However, we ignore the true definition of success. Success is referred to in the next chapter of failure.

It's all about ups and downs. A journey in which failure is a part of it. If one wants to become successful they need to face these obstacles with full confidence and strength. A successful person is a person who learns to organize himself or herself. They pull or prevent themselves from social media platforms which turn out to be a medium of distraction for them. What all these people do is to follow their passion with full hope and concentration which leads them to their aim, achievement, to their goal. He's a person who takes each failure as a lesson and never gives up there. That person will try their best to understand where they went wrong or what led them in the wrong direction. They'll further correct their mistakes and ultimately gain success. There are several hardworking people all around the globe but why they are unable to achieve this success? Well, the answer is quite simple. They take failure so harsh on themselves that they ultimately give up. Giving up will make you weaker and weaker day by day.

Thus a true definition or formula for success can be achieved by doubling our rate of failure. We think of failure as the enemy of success, but it isn't at all!! We either can be discouraged by failure or we can learn from it. So let us go ahead and make mistakes! Let's make all we can. Because ultimately that will lead us to success.

By: Aanya Pandey

Delhi World Public School