Why do Indians want to Study Abroad in Germany?

General News | Jan-08-2022

Why do Indians want to Study Abroad in Germany?

Studying abroad on one own budget is the dream of many parents and students, but with a growing population and high tuition fees, this could be a dream only for many of you. But still, it's possible from some European colleges, which are having quality and research-based education patterns, Germany is one among those countries that offered quality education to Indian and international students, with minimum tuition fee.

What makes Indians go study in Germany?

Germany is one of the most industrially advanced countries, which is having the oldest formal education systems in the world that is highly regarded across the world. Most of the top universities in Germany offer free education to International students. They are providing the world’s best vocational training in industry curriculum; Germany is among the top 10 economies of the world, which is also the reason why more focus is toward studying in Germany.

One best thing about their study pattern for an international student is they offer many programs in English and German language, which makes many international students, take admission in Germany. And along with studies, part-time work is also available and after completion, of course, they provide a two-year work permit to search for jobs.

How does Fairgaze help you study in Germany?

1. Overseas education consultant counseling: Applying for courses in Germany is a crucial decision to take, but we at Fairgaze.com do not just limit our counseling. We advise you about your course and university choices and advise you what is best for you based on your counseling, exams score, academic records, and financial part to choose among the top universities in Germany.

2. Exams assistance and preparation: Our consultant also assists you in various test preparation and fee for these exams and which university need what minimum score for admission, various test like SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL (iBT), and PTE.

3. Application assistance: The application to the university speaks a lot about you. Our years of experience in study abroad consulting services help you gain insight into how you should write the Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation, Resume or Curriculum Vitae, and Essays. We assist you with every minute detail required by the university, so your application passes their shortlisting.

4. Financial aid to Visa processing: The cost of tuition fees varies from university to university in Germany. Our counselors help you gain an educational loan, grant, or scholarship from the college or university of your choice. We can help you receive financial aid in terms of research-based scholarships based on your academic record. Assist you step by step with the visa process right from filling in the visa application forms to verification of all your documents and submitting them on time. If needed we even help you with a mock interview for the visa process.

So, feel free to contact us anytime when you are going to study in Germany, always ready to assist you better.