Why Female Sports Is Less Popular?

Male dominance is seen everywhere. The society has a very different perspective for males as well as for females. For males the society thinks that they are really rough and tough, they are superior to everyone whereas when we talk about females they are bound with many restrictions. Females are considered and are less powerful in comparison with a male. A female child is also not preferred much. 
Society thinks that females are not eligible to play sports just because they are females.  Females get very little coverage of media in the field of sports. From the starting, only females were not preferred much and they were only allowed with the household work, but today when the females are getting In the field of sports the society is not accepting them just because some people think that sports are not for females as society has made a stereotypical image the women will always sacrifice for her husband and kids, she will always do the household work and she will not at all raise her voice. Till the time there are patriarchy women will have problems earning fame in a field like sports. Even the misogynists in our don't like women who excel in anything, they just want a woman under their shoe.
Females face discrimination everywhere, it is not just about sports. Just because gender is different that does not mean you will not let women get her rights and freedom. Let us take a step together and make a better society for women one day. 

Tanushka Sharma 
class - 11 
School - BNPS 

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