Why We Dream?

Dreams are natural. We all dream in our sleep. They are a sequence of scenes, feelings, and emotions that at times are different from reality. It can also be said as a wish or desire which remains unsatisfied. According to a psychologist Dreams are a Royal Road to the discovery of the unconscious self. Yet there hasn’t been any proper reason to why we dream.

There are studies on why we dream what we dream, experts too have made studies regarding what makes a person dream. They know what exactly dreams are but they are not certain about its causes. Dreams only occur during rapid eye movement when the brain is in an active state but an individual is asleep and in a state of paralysis. But according to further studies, it can also happen without rapid eye movement.

When we dream the logical rational part of our brain is slowed down, whereas the emotional part is hyperactive. This is the reason why dreams are so emotive and surreal. It is also believed that during the time of stress and anxiety, we tend to dream more or remember our dreams as a way of coping with challenging circumstances. Also when we are stressed or anxious, we sleep poorly because of which we may remember what we dreamt. They can be unpleasant, sad, and traumatic because of the phase we are into.

During sleep, our vision is completely absent but still, we can dream because its the brain’s imagination and not what we see through our eyes. The dreams which involve rapid eye movement are believed to be more colorful and vibrant whereas the dreams which do not involve the eye movement are black, white, and faded. Some theories also suggest that dreams are a byproduct of reorganizing memory in response to what we have been throughout the day.

Although scientists know what dreams are, they have still not found the exact and actual cause of it. According to them, proper sleep patterns and less stress can make your dreams pleasant or even make you dreamless. Not all dreaming is the same. It depends on a person’s experiences, events, and emotions. But the answer to the question that we dream at all remains unanswered.

By: Surbhi Singh

Content: https://theconversation.com/why-do-we-dream-135609

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