Will Children Switch Back To Outdoor Sports Post Lockdown?

As we know the Novel Coronavirus has spread across the world and all the countries have gone into lockdown. But now many countries have started to open the lockdown. Many children have been inside their house and not even a single child has stepped out of their house in many places.

But the question in everyone's mind now is “Will Children Switch Back To Outdoor Sports Post Lockdown?” I think we all should stay at home to stay away from the virus until the situation gets a bit better. We should limit ourselves from going outside, especially kids, old age people, and people with low immune systems.

Even if the government allows, I don’t think many children will switch to outdoor sports immediately as the virus has spread to every single part of the world and parents will be a bit skeptical to send their children outside. Even if we go out we must always wear a mask and take other necessary precautions as mandated with which it is slightly difficult to play freely.

We should practice social distancing as it has become the norm of life now. We shouldn’t handshake and hug to maintain at least one-meter distance between people. In that case, we can play only selective outdoor games like skipping and cycling in a less crowded area with the constant usage of disinfectants. As we have to avoid common playgrounds too, this is possible only if we have a backyard or open field. Hence except for a select few, it’s practically not possible for all to go out and play safely.

Hence, in my opinion, it’s not a wise idea to step out of our homes for outdoor games in the near future. Till the vaccine is found or a proper testing mechanism is organized, it is futile to go out for games as young kids are more prone to infections. We can replace them with other healthy practices like yoga and meditation to stay fit.

So children will not switch back to outdoor games at least for a few months post lockdown as parents will be employing a wait and watch policy for any improvement in the overall situation from this deadly pandemic.

And remember Samuel Lover’s quote: "Better to be safe than sorry"

By: Ishana Rajnish

School: Delhi Public School

Class: 7th

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