Your Perception on Colour White

Your Perception on Colour White

India is a diverse country where people who believe in different religions and cultures live together happily following the principle of ‘Unity in Diversity'. Indian people follow a variety of religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism. These religions have different views on different things. Talking about the colour white, it is worn on different occasions among different religions but the meaning or the reason behind wearing it is almost the same.

Mostly among Hindus, white colour is worn when a person dies, at a funeral. At the same time, white gowns and dresses are worn by Cristian women during their wedding. Some Muslims also wear it during or after their Friday prayers. Most Sikhs, especially the elderly people wear such light colours on regular basis. In all cases; it represents purity, mourning, cleanliness, peace, and positivity.

I believe that white colour is great for calming down one’s mind and achieving peace of mind. I also believe that this colour is very powerful and white colour plays an important role in our lives. This is because achieving peace of mind plays a vital role in keeping our physical and mental selves healthy.

It is also a great colour to wear during the summer season. This is because light colours, especially white reflect most of the sunlight that falls on it while absorbing just a little bit of it. This makes us feel cooler in summers and the need for air conditioners decreases. Thus, it has a positive effect on our environment. So, let’s prevent global warming and decrease pollution by wearing white coloured clothes during summers.

By: Toshani Mehra

School Name: Delhi Public School, Greater Noida

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