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A Student of Indian-Origin Develops Device to Connect Disaster Hit Areas



An Indian-origin student Luqmaan Patel at Britain’s Staffordshire University has developed a device to keep disaster hit areas connected. This new device is known as “Exigency”.


21 year-old Patel has used Ad-Hoc Network which receives satellite data and transmits it as cellular data to ensure that everyone within 2.5km radius has access to basic phone communication.


When the natural calamity hits, communication can collapse totally and transmit nothing for at least three days as a consequence leaving everyone stranded. Mr. Patel stated that “This was a very long time for a victim to inform anyone about their well-being or to call for help”.


Mr. Patel found in his research that if the early impact period of three days is reduced by one day, the overall recovery of the country would reduce by one thousand days. In this manner the revival will be quick and efficient. Organizations would be able to connect with each other more successfully.


He feels that his device “Exigency” will spotlight communications, and clear the communication infrastructure in the terrible event of natural disaster.

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