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Changes in Climate and its Effects on Sea Level

It has been seen that there is a strong connection between climate and increasing level of sea. Often scientists associate sea level changes with climate changes.


This association involves several interactions between different earth mechanisms. Two major factors are involved in sea-growing level, such as water from melting ice and expansion in sea water.


According to the analysts the increasing rate of water has been 3.3 mm per year since 1993. Climate changes happen because of release of carbon dioxide and other harmful green house gases.


Green house gases also increase the air temperature as well as ocean temperature.

90% of heat gets absorbed by the ocean which becomes the reason of changes in the climate and in the sea level.


 In addition to this, water from melting glaciers and snow from ice-mountains are one of the significant reasons behind higher sea levels.


Scientists have also elaborated the various climate conditions by comparing the present with the ice-age. As per the study 2000 years ago global mean sea level was observed 125 meters lower and 2degree Celsius warmer as compare to 18th century.


More than this the sea level has been estimated higher by about 5 meter. It is hard to believe on the ice- age history but scientists are sure about the possible damages those might occur through changes in sea level.


These changes can damage our coastal erosion, Sunderbans and our unique ecosystem as well.