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Class 12 Humanities Practical Considered For Internal Assessment

Class X and XII Board Exams hold a lot of importance in a student’s life. Parents, teachers and students all face a lot of stress, anxiety during these exams. Every year we hear 100’s of instances where students commit suicide due to the fear of not scoring well in these exams. In order to reduce the pressure that these students undergo, the CBSE board brings forth measures and takes steps such as liberalising the marking scheme; introducing the grading system etc.

In the last month, CBSE board has issued a notice through which it has converted the Class 10 Hindi practical marks into an internal marking scheme. Under this change, the general practise of allocating an external examiner for awarding marks of the practical exam has been done away with. From now on the marks for the practical exams will be awarded by the school teachers only. On the same lines, the board is now allocating the job of awarding the marks of the practical exams to the school teachers only for Class 12th Humanities practical. The officials have stated that this change shall be brought into force from the next academic session. The officials further informed that there are chances that both school teachers and the external examiner may have 15 marks each in their hands that are to be awarded to the students for their practical assessment. This is being done because the board believes that the school teachers are better aware of the strengths and the weaknesses of the students. Alongside, there are presumptions that the CBSE Board may change the question paper pattern and increase the number of objective questions in the board exams. This is being done because experts believe that this step shall enhance conceptual learning and demote rote learning. Also, there are chances that the percentage of practical marks may also undergo an increase. All these changes are currently in process. These changes will be effective from the next academic sessions so that the schools and the students get enough amount of time in order to accustom them with these changes. In the month of December, 2018, the CBSE had issued a circular in order to revise the assessment plan for Hindi Core and Elective. The onus of marking has been shifted from the external examiner to school teachers. These changes will go live from 2020 onwards.

By: AnujaArora                                                       

Content: https://www.timesnownews.com/education/article/cbse-board-exams-after-hindi-class-12-humanities-practical-marks-being-considered-for-internal-marking/355811