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Complex Nanoparticle Crystal Reported

The researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Michigan reported a complex crystal design and built nano-particles for those crystals. This gave a result to the statement, that even the most complicated structures can be assembled. This can be made possible if researchers control shapes of particles and the way they connect using DNA.

This technology promises to combine elements together in ways so as to forge new capabilities by design. One of the potential uses of these is controlling light. This could lead to the possibility of new types of lenses, lasers and even star trek-like cloaking materials.

In terms of chemistry, clathrates are known for their chamber that can accommodate small molecules. These nanoparticles leave some room for clusters, which can be useful for storing, delivering and sensing materials from the surroundings.

The research proved that extraordinarily complex nanoparticles are possible, but only when one starts to exploit the particle shape.



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