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Connection Between Grammar and Rhythm

The researchers have found a strong skill link between grammar and rhythm in children. The study shows that children have the ability to differentiate between music-rhythm which is linked to their capability for understanding grammar.


A research was done by Reyna Gordon, a Ph.D student in the Department of Otolaryngology at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. In regards to this study the scientists have claimed that this research is the first of its kind however, more work will be needed to improve it further. Currently the scientists are planning to put their work in a result-frame by applying it on kids.


Reyna Gorden stated that the musical education can help children who are suffering from language disorder. She further added that, “Musical technique can also improve grammar skills among students”.


To analyze the result a test has been conducted by the scientists that showed several similarities between music and speech. The scientists have stated that there may be some possibilities that kids who perform better at identifying variation in music-timing have a benefit in language learning. The scientists have also admitted that music is important for brain development.