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Diamond Nano-Threads for Human Clothes

The scientists from Pennsylvania State University have created the diamonds nano thread that can be used for human clothes (DNT). The scientists have claimed that the DNT may be used to create clothes, electronics and construction materials in future.

The scientists said that the nano threads are parallel to carbon nanotubes. Additionally, the nano thread is formed in a shape of hollow cylindrical tubes. These nano threads are 10,000 times smaller than a human hair, stronger than steel, said the scientists. The scientists said that the "DNT is even thinner and  include kinks of hydrogen in the carbon's hollow structure, called Stone-Wale (SW) transformation defects.

DNT is a great material for a range of uses. It is possible DNT may become as a plastic, in the future. Moreover DNT can be used in almost everything from clothing to cars, stated the researchers. Even though DNT is a great usable candidate but it does not look like a rock diamond.  DNT has named after testing the way carbon atoms are packed together which is similar to diamonds said the scientists.

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