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Discovered Evidences on Battles between British and Ottoman Armies

The bullet cartridges, shell fragments and military items that were used during the First World War in Israel have been discovered by Archaeologists. This discovery has been very important from the view of school education to know more about the First World War. The discovery also gave clues to fierce battles between British and Ottoman Armies.

Archaeologists also reported that in addition to all these discovered items, they found two military outposts which were used by the Ottoman army. Yossi Elisha was the director of excavation. Yossi told the reporters that as archaeologists, they expect to discover ancient things from hundreds and thousands of years ago. But here they discovered a relatively young, 100 – year – old artifact. They discovered it because they were fascinated towards the story of battle.

Students who are going to pursue archaeology in their higher education will be benefitted by the discoveries of First World War.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times

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