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DNA is Repairable a New Knowledge


A team of Chemists from faculty of Science at a University in Sweden has studied an enzyme. The study shows that there is existence of three dimensions in an enzyme called ribonucleotide reductase (RNR). Presence of RNR enzyme can be useful to construct and fix DNA in living creature as per the study.


The research has also stated the complete process of DNA building blocks inside living creatures. These building blocks attached to each other in such a way that controls the enzyme’s function.


According to the expert, the entire study was based on the knowledge of building blocks and their benefits inside living organisms.


According to the researchers their basic research of building blocks can be helpful in future to fight infection. “A new antibiotic drug can be developed with the help of this new research”, said the team.


Scientists have also found a link between nosocomial infection and a bacterium called pseudomonas aerunginosa. Nosocomial infection is also known as, ‘hospital-acquired infection’. The whole study has been conducted with the help of synchrotron radiation, at MAX IV Laboratory.