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Dogs Too Share Food with Their Friends

A new study has found a common behavior among dogs. As per the scientists, dogs prefer to share food with familiar partners only. The scientists said this behavior of dogs is similar to humans.

Additionally, the scientists said, that the animals are not as generous with strangers. The scientists used a new and complex technique called bar –pulling task for their research. The experiment has successfully proved the pro-social behavior of dogs.

As per an earlier research by University of Veterinary Medicine, Austria, dogs share food rewards with other dogs. During the research, the dogs delivered the treats to partner dogs - especially if these were already known to them, analyzed the scientists.

Though, the improved complexity of the task influenced the readiness with which the dogs delivered a food reward to another animal. The scientists added that the new study confirmed that the chosen method affects the result and is much more dependent on social proximity than had before been assumed.

Content Source: Hindustan Times