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Dry Air Can Strain Plants During Drought

Scientists of Indiana University have found the good effect of low relative humidity on the environment. The study suggested that several improvements in drought-models are required to save the climate of the Earth.


Models used to measure the impact of drought can leave harmful effect on the earth’s temperature. At the same time strategies of agricultural management such as water irrigation can improve soil moisture.


Researchers also brought the humidity levels under the spot light which is increasing day by day. Fall in humidity levels is helpful to improve soil moisture.


Relative humidity is a state where the humidity level comes at its peak which directly impacts the temperature. Whereas low humidity can make us feel cooler than the actual temperature.


During low humidity the plants possibly become less effective at removing carbon from the environment. Reduction in ability to balance-out climate change happens during low humidity.


As per the study dry weather affects plants in two basic ways, through changes in soil moisture and relative humidity in the atmosphere.



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