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Earliest Primate Ancestors Belonged to India

A team of international annalists has found 25 tiny bones in Gujarat, India. These tiny well preserved bones have been found in a coal mine in Gujarat.


The study has revealed that the newly found group of bones is much more primitive than the oldest primate fossil known as Teilhardina. Teilhardina first appeared in the deposits at the beginning of the Eocene.


The discovery has also stated that the recently found primates belongs to somewhere below the neck of the animals. The ancient rainforests tall depterocarp trees were climbed by the Gujarat primates. At the same time the primates were not specialized on jumping according to the study.


 Research has supported the idea that India has played an essential part in the early evolution of various primates mammals including monkeys, humans, apes, etc.


Kenneth Rose, Ph.D professor emeritus in the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said that, "These are the best preserved and most primitive bones we have from the first 5 million years of primate evolution, but there's not enough evidence currently for us to figure out when these primates reached India or where they came from,"