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Earthquakes and Landslides’ Risk Increase in Himalayas

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the USA have done a study to find out the reason behind flood. The scientists have also provided with new insight of the long-term impacts of earthquakes and storms in the Himalayan region.

According to the scientists, earthquakes and landslides in the Himalayas are responsible for a large volume of hard rocks being dumped into rivers. The researchers have warned that the risk can affect millions of people in India and neighboring countries.

However, the recent study can help researchers improve flood risk maps for the Ganga Plain, a low-lying region covering parts of India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Until now, slight facts were known about how landslides in the Himalaya may affect flood risk downstream on the Ganga Plain.

This study is one of its kinds as scientists have traced the path of rocks washed down from the Himalayan Mountains onto the Plain. The scientists have also added that large landslides in the southern, lower elevation ranges of the Himalaya are more likely to increase flood risk than those in the high mountains further north.

Source: Hindustan times


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