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Earth’s Day Are Getting 2 Milliseconds Longer

The scientists have revealed that the day on earth is getting faster with going days. As per the astronomers, a day on earth is lengthening by around 1.8 milliseconds every 100 years.  Although the partial length can not be considered much since - it will take around 3.3 million years to add just 1 minute. Moreover, it will take 2 million more centuries to gain a much-needed extra hour to our day, explained the scientists.

Through the understanding earth’s rotation and influenced factors, the scientists can map the correct calculations possible about the planet's future. While claiming the fact about the mysterious planet-Earth, the scientists said that they are adding 2.3 milliseconds a day each century than what was predicted earlier.

Since the planet is slowing down more steadily than expected over long periods of time the researchers said the earth is unpredictable and mysterious than it was expected.

Content Source: The Hindustan Times

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