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Edited Human Embryos Is The Latest Dreams Of U.S Scientist

While a various kinds of research have been done but not all the humans gene editing researchers have given an equal outcome. The famous Chinese scientist named He Jiankui is a foremost example of a kind of researcher whose gene editing has gone reckless. 

He had forged some of the documents and thus used the untested and unused technologies on some humans whereas while organizing the research in which it was culminated about the births of the tests regarding the first gene edited infants. While a famous story was surfaced which revealed that the biologist in the Columbia University are conducting their own research on the human gene-editing but in spite of endangering the human lives it was concerned about saving them. Egli, the researcher has been using CRISPR as a tool to gene-edit the human embryos in such a way that would enable an infant to avoid inheriting a genetic defect which can result into blindness. However the same CRISPR technique that was used by him was similar to that of the Chinese researcher, thus Egli destroyed his embryos based on the forged documents just after one day of editing them. Egli told the sources that as of now our purpose is not to create infants. Further he stated that neither of these cells will be transmitted into the womb of a female. Whereas the panel of some other scientists and various bioethicists look after Egli’s research and over viewing his mentality before doing any experiments at lab. According to him, the method of his research that was conducted is very important if we look forward to use the CRISPR technology so as to prevent the humans thereby inheriting the genetic diseases and thus avoiding various fatal ones. “We just can’t do the right editing and then hope everything goes correct and thereafter implanting the same into a female’s womb. That’s not responsible,” Egli told the reporters.  It is also a true that a couple of critics believe that scientists should not perform any sort of gene-editing research on humans, because it may result into adverse results. An expert in human biotechnology, Marcy Darnovsky stated that there is no requirement as of now for mucking around with the genes of future children.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/02/01/689623550/new-u-s-experiments-aim-to-create-gene-edited-human-embryos