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Egyptian Mummy Hints Multiple Burial Practices

Egyptologists at the University of Jaen in Spain have discovered the mummy of Shemai in a tomb. Shemai was the younger brother of a powerful governor in Egypt. About 14 family members of Shemai have been discovered so far. The findings up till now have hinted that women played an important part in the family. 

All these discoveries are believed to be about 3800 years old. Researchers are outing forward the assumption that the tomb appeared to have been use for multiple burial. These have risen because of the discovery of two coffins and wooden models of boats and people.

The mummy has not been disturbed and has been put back in the coffin. It is being said that its face will be shown next year. The archaeological team will be back at the sight to excavate further and get more information about Shemai.

Content source:livescience.com

Image: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Thutmose_I