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Entrepreneurship Curriculum To Be Finalised by April 2019

Education is an important element of each one of our lives. The government keeps taking initiatives time and again so as to impart quality education amongst the students. Some days back, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia who holds the Education, Finance, Planning, Tourism, Land & Building, Services, Women & Child, Art, Culture & Languages portfolios in the Government of NCT of Delhi had announced that entrepreneurship as a subject shall be inculcated into the curriculum of Class IX – XII. Entrepreneurship is the process which involves designing, launching and running a new business, which is usually a small business at the initial stages.

The people who create these businesses are referred to as entrepreneurs. The subject Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation lays emphasis on the problems, challenges and opportunities of small and medium-sized firms. Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation is a growing subject of immense importance with a good academic network especially in Finland and the Nordic countries. It is also of immense importance to the business world. He had also announced that this shall be brought into effect from the next academic session. His motive of doing the same was that entrepreneurship is a subject not only restricted to business. It is one which teaches life skills and lifestyle to the students. Basically this change has been brought about in order to bring about entrepreneurial mindset among the students so that they become “job creators of tomorrow” and not “job seekers”. Lately, the Office of the Deputy Chief Minister has announced that this curriculum should be finalised by April 2019. The State Council of Educational Research and Training director has been asked to develop a working group that shall be involved in formulating a curriculum that needs to be adopted. For the same a conference shall be organised in the month of January in order to invite organisations to come forward and share their views for the entrepreneurship curriculum to the working group. Based on the content developed by the group, a basic training to school instructors and teachers in the pilot curriculum will be imparted in the month of April-May and after that the same will be introduced in classrooms from the month of July. The classes will be held for one hour of each school day in 30,000 classrooms. It is hoped that this new change brings about better skills and mindset in the students who are the future of India in the times to come.

By: Anuja  Arora

Content: https://indianexpress.com/article/education/manish-sisodia-wants-entrepreneurship-curriculum-schools-running-by-april-5514365/