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First Parrot Fossil Unearthed

The researchers have revealed the oldest parrot fossil from Siberia. The scientists said the fossils are 16 to 18 million years old. Where mostly people think that the region was famous for brown bear and huge walruses, this discovery tells the different story, said the scientists. The findings proved that the parrots may have once lived in the region. The researchers have claimed that the tropical birds were once widespread in Eurasia.

Along with the fact, the researchers have observed that their study has achieved successful results. It is the first time a parrot fossil has been discovered in this region, said the researchers. The findings have proved the old theory that the ancestors of parrots migrated from Asia to North America by the Beringia land bridge.

Additionally, the researchers have found a single leg bone of parrot from an island on Baikal Lake in Russia. The study was led by the scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.     

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