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Get Home Cooked Meal via an App

An app developed by a company named ‘Namma Kudla’ will now get you home cooked delicacies. The app, called Dubbed Tuckout, is available on iOS and android since its launch, last week. The company has its headquarters based in Manguluru. Rajat Rao, the Chief Executive Oficer of the company, said that it took them a year and a lot of hard work to design and develop the app.

I have a firm belief that the app will do wonders in time to come. Tuckout is for home cooked marketplaces what Uber and AirBnB are for travel and hospitality industries respectively, said Rajat Rao. The app has been developed by a team of food lovers and registering on the app as a home cook will involve rigorous scrutiny. The idea is to do away with the takeaway market industry and introduce a concept where people can get delicious and home cooked food in a more convenient way. 

By: Shatrujit Singh Chauhan