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Global Temperature Affects Subalpine Forests

The scientists have done a study that shows trees will advance upslope with increasing temperature. Additionally, global warming can shift the tree line of the mountain zone. The scientists have explained that mountain zones are especially known for greeneries and trees. However, the trees become smaller and eventually stop growing on advanced elevations.

For an example, the researchers suggested that it may happen that the Subalpine forests will follow their climate up the mountain. For this study, the scientists came from the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), UC Merced.  The University of Colorado at Boulder also became the part of this project.

As per the study, the overall range of Engelmann spruce could shrink as it may not move to higher elevations at the time of increasing temperature. However, the lower-elevation boundary of Engelmann spruce could recede upslope stated the researchers.

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