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Goldfish and Its Color That Change With Time

It’s been found that goldfish change color while growing or we could say in the first year of life. Today, we are focusing on what are the reasons as to why goldfish changes its color. After a study, a team of researchers found that there are several factors responsible for color fading in goldfish. Genetics is the first reason that causes color reduction in the fish. As per the scientists, the amount of change and the final color can be hard to determine unless the fish have been bred carefully.

In this case, the young fish often change to a color similar to at least one of the parent.Light often play an important role in the color of goldfish. Keeping a goldfish in dim and dense places can cause it to lose its bright color.

The similar situation happens when we keep goldfish in constant running water. On the other hand, bright sunlight helps a goldfish to get the colors. Sun light improves and bright up yellow, reds and pale orange colors of a goldfish.



By- Priyanka Negi