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Gorillas Are on a Brink of Disappearance

Officials from Congo have announced that largest Eastern Gorillas are in danger. According to the announcement by the officials, gorillas are at the verge of death.


Illegal hunting and killing are the major reason of declining number of apes.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has decided to stop illegal killing. The researchers have taken some major step to save these critically endanger primates.


The report of the researchers stated that the number of eastern gorillas has dramatically fallen by at least 77 percent in just two decades.


Officials have also added that more that 82000 species including the mountain gorilla have been analyzed by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Out of 82000 species nearly 30 percent are at the verge of death.


IUCN has blamed human action such as hunting for reducing the number of apes. Another report by the officials has also cleared that Grauer’s gorilla one of the two subspecies has radically declined since 1994 to 2015. The report showed that the number has declined by 16,900 to 3800.


There is an entire list of great gorilla species that are only one step away from disappearance such as western gorilla, Bornean Orangutan and Sumatran Orangutan.