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Government Takes Initiative to Improve Class 10 Results

Class 10 board exams are indeed a very crucial stage in every student’s life. Both students and parents are extremely stressed about it. Every parent wants their ward to perform the best in the board examinations. Just after analysis of the mid-term exam answer scripts of science, maths and social science of selected government schools, it has been observed that there few areas where improvement is required for the students to perform better.  In furtherance of the same, on December 3, 2018, the Delhi government’s directorate of education (DoE) has ordered all the government schools to wake up and implement qualitative measures so as to improve the poor performance of the students of the government schools. As per the analysis conducted, it has been found that only 30% of class 10 students and 50% of class 12 students have passed the exams. The circular issued by the DoE clearly stated that “Upon question-wise analysis of class 10 mid-term exam answer scripts of science, maths and social science of selected government schools, several topics have been identified to be responsible for poor performance of students… for better performance of students in the CBSE class X board exams, all heads of schools (HoS) are directed to guide the subject teachers to take several prescribed measures”.  Some of the key measures that have been suggested for the students and teachers are:

(i) Teachers must make use of demonstration methods and activities in order to make the concepts clear to the students.

(ii) Students must be encouraged to inculcate in themselves the habit of writing and revising.

(iii) Use of bullet points for while answers the questions must be encouraged.

Alongside, the date sheet of the pre boards has already been put forward by the DoE. The exams are scheduled to be held from December 18 to December 28, 2018.  The results for these exams shall be announced most probably during the first week of January. As per the records of the previous year around 31 % could only get through the pre boards. Later the( DoE ) had issued a show cause notice to around 120 schools. Resultantly, the pass percentage rose to 69.32% in the board exams. Indeed these initiatives are crucial and necessary so that the government schools pace up with the private ones. Undoubtedly the teachers in government schools are more qualified, then why shouldn’t the results be better than those of the private schools.

By: Anuja Arora