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Hair Can Reveal Your Identity

Scientists have discovered a unique protein in human hair. According to the claim humans can be identified from a single strand of their hair. This amazing discovery can be helpful to identify the criminals said the researchers.


DNA which is unique to every individual is frequently used for recognition in forensic science and archaeology. Comparing DNA and protein the researchers said that DNA degrades its usefulness with time where on the other side protein is more constant than DNA.


The researchers has added that protein have variation that perhaps differ in every individual. This newly found discovery can be an essential tool to solve the crime mysteries. Hair protein can identify the criminal which can be of great help to the law and enforcement authorities added the researchers.


According to the scientists this new identification technique needs a set of hundred protein markers to achieve the full successes in identification process. Analyst team has cleared that they are at a very initial stage of the research which is similar to early DNA profiling during early days of DNA creation.


Brad Hart, director of the LLNL Forensic Science Centre stated that this method can be helpful for forensic analysis and there are more steps to be taken to get the full achievement.